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  • How does a patient connect on the call to conduct a teleMEDCARE consultation with a doctor?

    The teleMEDCARE consultation was designed to provide easy access to doctors in just few steps.

    For laptop/desktop:

    • Click on the ‘Access service’ button
    • Download Jabber guest plugin for your browser
    • Add the browser plugin
    • Allow permissions to use the microphone, camera and speakers
    • Agree to the patient consent form. Enter your first and last name, and mobile number
    • Click on the green colored “Call” button to start the call.

    From a mobile phone:

    • From the website homepage banner, the browser will redirect you to the appstore / playstore asking you to download/install the Jabber guest app
    • Allow permissions to use the microphone, camera and speakers
    • Click on the ‘’Access Service’’ button
    • Agree to the patient consent form. Enter your first and last name, and mobile number
    • Click on the green colored “Call” button to start the call.
  • What do I expect when I call?

    As you connect to the call, one of our qualified agents will register your details such as Emirates ID, place you on a call to immediately get access to the doctor via a video consultation.

    Once your consultation is complete, the agent will book your appointment for any investigations such as imagery or lab work if they are needed and provide you with your medical prescription for self-pick up or home delivery.

  • Will my insurance cover teleMEDCARE?

    In many cases, teleMEDCARE services are covered by insurance, depending on your insurance provider. 

  • Do I require to consent prior to receiving services by teleMEDCARE?

    Just as any physical visit to the hospital or medical centre must follow the health authorities’ requirements and professional best practices for acquiring informed consent for in-person encounters, the same requirements should be followed for the delivery of health services via teleMEDCARE technologies.

    As you click on the ‘Access service’ button, you will be prompted a consent form to which you need to read and check the ‘Agree’ case, type in your first and last name and your mobile number. Only then you will be placed on the call.

  • Is teleMEDCARE private and secure?

    Just like a face-to-face appointment, your teleMEDCARE consultation will be private and confidential.

  • Is the quality of care the same as an in-person visit?

    The quality of teleMEDCARE as a method of healthcare delivery is confirmed by many years of research and demonstrations. TeleMEDCARE has been found to be a safe, cost-effective and convenient way to provide healthcare services for the patients around the globe.

  • How should I prepare my space for a teleMEDCARE consultation?

    To prepare for your consultation:

    • Identify a suitable room that is quiet, private, and free of distractions
    • To keep background noise to a minimum, make sure to close any doors, shut windows, turn off the television, and keep loud pets in another room if possible. Consider hanging a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door to avoid interruptions. 
  • Who benefits from teleMEDCARE?

    There are three main beneficiaries of teleMEDCARE:

    Patients: TeleMEDCARE gives patients the opportunity to receive care without a trip to the doctor’s office. They don’t have to take time away from work or family responsibilities. They don’t waste time traveling, or money on parking or transportation. They don’t risk exposure to other patients with communicable illnesses. And they get better health outcomes and become more engaged in their own healthcare.

    Healthcare providers: Video visits reduce the time of each encounter, allowing providers to see more patients, more efficiently. TeleMEDCARE reduces no-shows and cancellations.

    The healthcare system: Even if you never use the teleMEDCARE yourself, you will likely benefit from the practice. The efficiency of teleMEDCARE will reduce wait times for in-person visits, help keep patients with non-urgent conditions out of the emergency rooms and improve the overall health of people.

  • Will teleMEDCARE stop me from visiting my doctor’s office?

    Absolutely not! 

    While technology will continue to enhance the delivery of healthcare as we know it today, it will never eliminate the need for in-person interactions with your primary care provider. Your personal relationship with your doctor will always be of key importance for your health care.

    TeleMEDCARE is changing our definition of the ‘typical’ hospital or clinic visit. The results will lead to improved access to care, lower cost of delivery, and, ultimately, improved patient outcomes.

  • What medical specialties can I use teleMEDCARE for?

    In theory you can use teleMEDCARE for almost any health care concern, as teleMEDCARE services are structured similarly to an in-person encounter with a physician. Most often, however, teleMEDCARE is used when a patient needs immediate and live access to primary and specialized services from anywhere.

    On a broader scale, teleMEDCARE can be used for management of chronic diseases, mental health evaluations, orthopaedic consults, and a wide range of other medical services. 

  • Can teleMEDCARE services be performed on a patient who is not in the same location?

    A Medcare doctor and a patient may be in separate locations when teleMEDCARE is used to provide healthcare services to a patient.

  • Can the teleMEDCARE services be used to prescribe controlled medications?

    While the ability to write prescriptions via teleMEDCARE offers an attractive opportunity to streamline the patient-doctor experience and reach patients with limited access to health care, prescribed controlled medicines are a highly regulated area of law by UAE healthcare regulators, and need to be prescribed by a specialized physician.

  • Does a patient have to visit a Medcare in-person hospital or medical centre before conducting a teleMEDCARE conference via video?

    No, it is not necessary for the doctor/patient relationship to be established in-person.

  • What are the operational hours of the teleMEDCARE services?

    Our doctors are available Saturday to Thursday to do the video conferencing consultations from, 9am to 9pm, 7 days a week.

  • Are there any restrictions on the number of times I can consult with a doctor?

    You can call as many times as you need to do your doctor’s consultation. We take your health concerns very seriously and will be making follow up calls if needed to continue to assess and assist in your progress.

  • Do you handle emergencies?

    No. TeleMEDCARE is not an appropriate replacement for a true emergency. Please visit your nearest emergency department or preferred healthcare provider or call 999.

  • What languages do the physicians speak/understand?

    Our physicians are proficient in multiple languages; however, English is the main language for the teleconsultation platform

  • Who may I contact if I’m having technical difficulties in connecting to the service?

    We are happy to assist you if you are having technical difficulties or any other questions you might have. We ask that you create a ticket in the ‘Suggestions/Feedback/Tech Support’ box and our technical support team will call to assist you. 

  • Is there a minimum age requirement?

    There is no age limit required to do a video conferencing consultation, but in case the patient is a minor they need to be accompanied by a parent.

  • How is my confidential information saved?

    The patient confidentiality and privacy policy is in accordance with the values of Medcare, and in line with Charter of Patient’s Rights & Responsibilities mandated by the Dubai Government and the Dubai Health Authorities (DHA), and relevant with Federal Legislation of the United Arab Emirates.

  • Is this service available to family/relatives/friends?

    The teleMEDCARE consultation services are available to all members of the community as they need it.

  • May I speak with a physician on behalf of my spouse or another adult (such as a parent)?

    Yes, you may speak with a physician on behalf of any of your family members.

  • Are there any charges?

    In many cases, teleMEDCARE services are covered by insurance, depending on your insurance provider. 

Please download the app and click below to access the service.

Please download the app and click below to access the service.



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