Maternity/Delivery Care

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Maternity/Delivery Care 

Package Pricing: AED 12,150 for the Normal Delivery Package & AED 21,600 for Caesarean Delivery Package.

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The Maternity Delivery Packages are meant for expectant mothers. These packages are available at Sheikh Zayed Road - Medcare Women & Children Hospital.

The Normal Delivery Package Includes:

  • Normal Delivery, labour room charges, consumables used & doctor's fee
  • Labour ward care upto 24 hours. Hospital stay for a total period of 2 days (including LDR)
  • Delivery Fees
  • Obstetrician professional fees
  • Paediatrician fee (stand-by during delivery)
  • Hospital Diet
  • Rounding Fees - Specialist obstetrician
  • Consumables used during delivery

The Caesarean Delivery Package Includes:

  • C-Section delivery, consumables used, labour room charges & doctor's fee
  • Hospital stay 3 days/2 nights (including LDR)
  • Pre-anaesthetic check-up
  • Fees for Anaesthesiologist, Surgeon & Assistant Surgeon included
  • Paediatricians fee (stand-by during delivery)
  • Operation Theatre charges
  • Rounding Fees - Specialist obstetrician for 3 days
  • Consumables used during delivery
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